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6 Startups in 12 Months


I have many creative ideas that I would like to realize. Therefore I will develop and launch a product every two months over the next 12 months.

Challenge: 6 Startups in 12 Months

Inspired by @levelsio, Tim Ferris (@tferris) and Prof. Faltin I started today (01.10.18) the personal challenge „6 Startups within 12 Months“.

I will finish and launch 6 projects within only 12 months.

With this challenge I will strive for the following goals:

  • Practice shipping of solutions and products
  • Optimize the process over brainstorming, development, publishing, marketing to positioning in the marketplace
  • Validating business ideas
  • Completing started projects
  • Setting up and testing workflows and automatisms
  • Setting priorities correctly
  • Testing platforms, architectures and infrastructures
  • Try out new techniques and methods
  • Optimizing risk minimization
  • Animate other people from the German-speaking area to do the same thing
  • Practice, because practice makes perfect

In addition, sharing your progress makes you more likely to accomplish your goals.

People from Germany have not yet publicly taken part in this challenge. However, I would like to encourage other people as well and will publish my experiences, insights and methods here in this blog.

The challenge is not new. @levelsio successfully completed the Challenge 12 startups in 12 months. Currently @yongfook has also accepted the challenge.

Why I’m launching only 6 and not 12 startups?

I changed the challenge slightly and reduced the number of startups by 50%,

  1. because I’m full-time employed and will only develop in my spare time (-25%).
  2. because I have a family (-24%).
  3. and because I have a modest German mentality (-1%).
Current trends and concept-creative companies

As a full-stack developer and indie maker, I will place great emphasis on current trends and on the needs of potential customers during the brainstorming and development process. Topics such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, bots and mobile apps will play an important role for startups. Both B2B and B2C solutions will be developed.

List of Startups
Startup 1:

Area: Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence

Launch end of November 2018

Startup 2:

Launch end of January 2019

Startup 3:

Launch end of March 2019

Startup 4:

Launch end of  May 2019

Startup 5:

Launch end of July 2019

Startup 6:

Launch end of September 2019

For questions and discussions I can also be found on Twitter (@RidvanChasan).

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